iSkysoft Phone Transfer

iSkysoft Phone Transfer 1.9

Syncs and backs up media files from your iPhone or Android phone
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The utility connects your iPhone or Android device to a personal computer and syncs your messages, photos, movies, contacts, etc. Remove, copy and transfer audio and video files, your calendar, folders, logs and archives. Restore necessary info from different backups.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer is a Windows program that provides you with a quick solution for backing up the contents of your smartphone to another mobile phone or to your local directories. You can also use this application to restore backups to your new smartphone.

The utility comes with a user-friendly interface that gives you access to 3 main tools: Phone To Phone Transfer, Restore From Backups, and Back Up Your Phone. All 3 features easy-to-configure settings and work pretty fast. You just need to connect your mobile phone to your computer, select the task you wish to complete, and let the program get the job done.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer works with various smartphone models from different manufacturers. For example, you can use the app to copy your contacts from an old Android smartphone to a new iPhone.

In my testing, I used the Back Up Your Phone utility which helps you copy data from the connected device to your local directories. The tool lets you transfer your music, contacts, call log, app data, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot choose individual files for the backup process. The application automatically copies all of the files that match the selected category (Music, Photos, etc.).

Another thing that bothers me is that you cannot preview the data you're transferring to another smartphone or Windows PC.

So, this application comes in handy only if you want to transfer all of your data from your mobile phone to your PC or to a new smartphone. For simple tasks, like back up certain smartphone songs or photos to your computer, I'd suggest you try a different program.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Works with various smartphone models from different manufacturers
  • Supports fast transferring speed
  • Restores lost smartphone data


  • Doesn't let you choose files for transferring
  • Doesn't offer you a file preview feature
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